100% Finnish herbal tea series!

100 % suomalainen yrttiteesarja!

Now you can enjoy nature's best gifts all year round - in the form of tea!

At Nordqvist, we have launched Finland's most Finnish herbal tea series. The raw materials are grown in the fresh domestic nature and collected with great heart to bring tasty tea moments to your everyday life.
The product family includes HAVU, HERTTA and WÄINÖ herbal drinks, which contain the following carefully selected flavor combinations:
HAVU - nettle, fir cone, pine needle, cranberry
HERTTA - milk thistle, chamomile & heather flower
WÄINÖ - Yarrow, nettle, leaves and root of sedum, red clover
Which flavor combination tickles your taste buds?

What makes a product 100% Finnish?

The herbs are grown in cooperation with domestic farmers. Wild yrittis and berries are collected from Finnish forests. The flavor combinations of the products are carefully thought out recipes that have been prepared in the Nurmijärvi factory's own laboratory.
The product is surrounded by packaging designed and produced in Finland, the contents of which are packed at the Nurmijärvi factory. The product is marked with the Avainlippu label, which indicates a reliable Finnish origin.

Responsibly produced tea

The well-being of the planet is important to us. We take steps towards sustainable development by using renewable energy for tea production and by making our tea bags from 100% biodegradable material. You can put the box, protective cover and swamp cover in cardboard recycling and the tea bag in organic waste.

Luminous and feel-good moments!