Information regarding the war in Ukraine 28 February 2022

For the first time since World War II, a full-scale war is being fought on European soil, which unfortunately is causing significant human suffering. Our thoughts are with the innocent people and especially the children who are affected by this chaotic situation.

Due to the war in Ukraine and the foreign policy line of the Russian top administration, we currently refrain from selling our products to Russian companies.

We will continue to follow the laws, guidelines and instructions of the Finnish government and the EU. We closely monitor the development of the situation and make possible changes to our operations, if the situation requires it.

According to Nordqvist Oy's charter and our ethical values, we as a company do not express political or religious opinions.

We hope for a quick end to the war and a peaceful solution.

At Nurmijärvi on February 28, 2022

Nordqvist Oy's board of directors