Responsibility as the basis of operations

For Nordqvist, responsibility and ethical values ​​are the basis of all activities. It is very important for us to know the origin of the tea we use and to try to check the local conditions ourselves or through third party audits. This way we can always guarantee high-quality, food-safe and ethically produced tea. Tea time is an experience that our customers can enjoy without worry.
Nordqvist is working towards more and more responsible tea. We progress towards our goals by reducing and reimbursing emissions, implementing the requirements of various certificates and generally using our own choices. For example, in the selection of raw materials and packaging materials, we consider high quality, laws and compliance to be important.
Nordqvist Oy's tea bags do not use materials containing micro or nano plastic.
Pyramid bags are made of natural, biodegradable corn starch. Other qualities of Nordqvist's tea bags are biodegradable wood fiber made from paper. Our tea bags do not contain micro or nano plastics.