Nordqvist's Story


The Finnish tea house Nordqvist has been operating for forty years. The company founded by Sirpa Nordqvist started its operations as a retail shop in 1979, when a shop specializing in flavored teas and bulk sales was a new concept in Finland. The tea shops located in the center of Helsinki offered consumers a wide selection of both flavored and unflavored teas based on their own imports. The new store type and tea qualities were enthusiastically received by consumers. The information spread and merchants all over Finland turned to Nordqvist for their tea purchases. This is how Nordqvist's tea import and wholesale business began.

So Nordqvist doesn't just buy tea qualities from around the world. For decades, we have been creating new added value in our products by combining high-quality tea with other suitable and delicious ingredients, such as berries and pieces of fruit, flowers and various aromas. Our recipes are samples of our deep craftsmanship, and good examples of this are our classic products Keisarin Morsian, Tiikerin Päiväuni and Teataivas, which over the decades have become favorites of the whole nation.