Nurmijärvi factory

Nordqvist's new factory in Nurmijärvi's Ilvesvuori was commissioned in 2018. Nordqvist's tea is made and packed in a total of 3,000 square meters of premises. With the new factory, it has been possible to increase operations and production. However, a factory equipped with standard energy solutions would not have met Nordqvist's environmentally friendly values. Therefore, clear and real solutions have been made at the factory with a greener future in mind.

The key way to influence the final carbon footprint of tea is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated during its production. 100% of the electrical energy at the Nurmijärvi factory is produced with fossil-free, renewable energy. In addition, 95% of the heat energy comes from renewable energy sources.

Because we want to invest in sustainable development and environmentally friendly tea, the factory has its own solar panels installed. With the help of solar panels, sustainable electricity is produced locally directly for tea production.

When we use solar energy, we constantly save carbon dioxide emissions. The sun is an energy source that is almost constantly available. In just one hour, the Earth receives more radiation energy from the sun than all the people use electricity for a year. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity produced with sustainable energy is removed from the consumption of non-renewable energy.