History of Cold Brew tea

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Where does the Cold Brew method come from?

Contrary to what you might imagine, cold brewing is not a recent invention. Making tea and coffee with cold water has already been in use 400 years ago, maybe even earlier. Now, when cold-extracted tea has become a trendy drink, the long history gets a delicious continuation.

Much is known about the invention of cold brew coffee, and there are several competing theories about its origin. Cold-pressed tea, on the other hand, is generally considered a Japanese invention. When the Dutch sailed there in the 17th century, the Japanese were already making tea by cold extraction.

The manufacturing method is thought to be based on practical reasons. Heating water required a lot of resources, such as firewood and maintaining a fire. Cold water, on the other hand, was easier to get and the preparation of tea could be started right away. For the same reason, cold brewed coffee was also preferred on ships, which could be enjoyed without making a fire. On the other hand, cold coffee concentrate prepared in advance could be enjoyed with hot water.

In the 1840s, cold extraction took a new step forward. French soldiers held a fort in hot Mazagran, Algeria. There they were offered coffee syrup, which was mixed with cold water. The cold-extracted drink under the scorching sun had a refreshing effect on the soldiers and they took the idea with them to France. This is how the cold-extracted drink became a European delicacy served in cafes.

More than a hundred years later, in the 1960s, cold-extracted coffee began to be canned and sold like other ready-made drinks. The idea was used around the world, especially in Japan and the United States. Todd Simmons developed his own method for making cold coffee and tea. It is still called the Toddy method according to him.

Cold-extracted drinks have gained new popularity in the 21st century, i.e. at least 400 years after the method was invented. Cold-extracted coffee made a comeback some years ago. Tea made with the Cold Brew method is now on everyone's lips.

Hot & Cold tea set

We at Nordqvist have developed a new Hot & Cold tea series that embraces cold extraction in a new way. Although any tea can be made with cold water, Hot & Cold teas are best for it.

Cold extraction usually requires time and patience, as the tea must be left to infuse overnight, for example. Hot & Cold pyramid teas are prepared even in cold water in just 10 minutes! So the speed is no longer much different between tea made in cold and hot water.

While in the 60s cold-pressed drinks were sadly put in metal cans, in the 21st century environmental issues are top of mind. That's why we have packed Hot & Cold teas in biodegradable tea bags and FSC-certified cardboard boxes. In this way, we make sure that the forest used for the production of cardboard is well managed and its environmental effects are taken into account.

In our Hot & Cold tea series, you can find cheerful flavors such as Matcha Mojito and Green Colada, as well as atmospheric Smoky Chili and Hot Rose. Enjoy e.g. aromas of lime, hibiscus and licorice root. You can combine tea with fresh fruits and herbs, with them you can always create new drinks that suit your taste. Also try different mocktails and create your own piece of cold brew history.