How to prepare a delicious tea moment?

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Good tea can be prepared in many different ways. There are many kinds of instruments and the choice mostly depends on whether you enjoy the tea alone or in company. All in all, making tea is very simple, but there are a few basic things to know to make your tea time as enjoyable as possible.

Clean water is the basis of good tea. For brewing tea, porcelain, ceramic or glass containers and a sufficiently loose filter are best suited. However, the right brewing depends primarily on taste habits.


Pour the tea into the strainer. One teaspoon per cup and one or two tablespoons per teapot. Boil the water for bubbles - pour the water on the tea leaves - brew the tea - remove the filter or tea leaves from the container and enjoy!

The brewing temperature of the tea water depends on the tea quality you choose. Green and white tea and oolong tea are the least processed types of tea, and the temperature of the water used in their brewing should be lower than for black tea, rooibos or fruit brews. Allow the boiled water to cool before brewing.

Everyone can experiment and find the brewing time and temperature that suits their taste. However, Nordqvist offers a suggestion for brewing times and temperatures that will make the tea well made.


  • Black tea around 95-100 °C
  • Green tea around 75-85 °C
  • White tea around 75-85 °C
  • Oolong tea around 85 °C
  • Rooibos 85 °C
  • Herbal tea 95 C
  • Fruit stews around 90-100 °C


  • Leaf tea - 3 min.
  • Darjeeling, Nepal and broken-leaf qualities - 3 min.
  • Bags - 1-2 min. In herbal tea 4-8 min.
  • Green and white teas - 1-2 min.