Nordqvist's Luonno tea series has been renewed!

Nordqvistin Luonnon teesarja uudistui!

Did you know that you have the opportunity to influence the quality of tea? Customer feedback and wishes are important to us, so we listened to your wishes again - We renewed the flavors and packaging of the popular Luonno tea series , without changing the responsible ingredients! Now natural teas can be found in stylish vertical packaging, with an even fresher look! We added desired unflavored tea qualities to the series as well as caffeine-free options such as Viilean organic mint.

The series was completed with two new desired products, unflavored green and black organic teas, Reippaa and Vehrää .

Every tea lover can find their favorite tea in the series, due to the versatile selection. And best of all, the tea set is good for nature.

Responsibly produced tea

Luonon teas made in Nurmijärvi are a combination of organic and Fair Trade raw materials, responsibly produced flavors and Finnish craftsmanship. In addition to fair trade and Organic certification, the products have the Avainlippu label, which indicates their Finnish origin. Nordqvist's teas, made in Finland, have carbon footprint credits throughout their entire life cycle, from tea cultivation to recycling. So we don't just compensate for our own emissions, we also compensate the consumer's share. You can read more about carbon neutrality and responsibility here