Different ways to make Cold Brew tea

Erilaisia tapoja valmistaa Cold Brew-teetä

Preparation of Cold Brew tea

In general, cold-brew tea can be prepared by combining tea and water and putting the mixture in the refrigerator to rest overnight. Over time, the tea and water turn into a delicious, smooth-tasting tea. However, it is not the only method. There are fun and faster ways as well.

When you want your tea in minutes, swear by matcha. It's a tea powder that doesn't even need to be strained before drinking the tea. The preparation of cold-extracted matcha takes place quickly and without any other accessories.

When you have half an hour to spare and want to go one step further, try iced tea. Then your drink is really cold and you can observe the extraction process eye to eye. Of course, the ice must be ready before preparation.

Matcha Cold Brew tea

2 servings

You need

  • 5 dl of cold water
  • 1.5 teaspoons matcha tea powder (e.g. Riku Matcha )


  1. Choose a jar or bottle with a lid that is slightly larger than the amount of water used.
  2. Measure the tea powder into the jar and pour water afterwards.
  3. Close the container carefully and shake it to your heart's content for about 15 seconds. The tea is ready when no lumps are visible.

In the perfect end result, white foam rises to the surface of the tea from shaking. Beautiful, convenient and, above all, tasty!

Read how matcha is traditionally made and master both methods.

You can now also prepare matcha cold-extracted tea in the same way as in our basic instructions, because our online store offers Matcha Mojito Hot&Cold tea . This pyramid tea can be easily prepared both cold and hot.

Ice Brew tea

2 servings

You need

  • 5 dl water frozen
  • 4 teaspoons of loose tea or 2 tea bags
  • 2 tablespoons of water


  1. Measure the tea into two glasses or one larger jug. More remains on top of them. You can use either one large piece of ice or many small pieces of ice.
  2. Spoon on a few more tablespoons of water to help the extraction begin.
  3. Let it sit at room temperature for about half an hour. The tea is ready as the ice melts. If you want to slow down the preparation, refrigerate.
  4. Take out the tea bags or strain out the tea leaves. Enjoy with a few ice cubes.

If you want your ice-extracted tea to have more nuances, add some suitable flavors to the ice cube molds. Clean the ice molds carefully. Put a small piece of mint, lemon, raspberry or even cinnamon in each one. Then pour the water into the molds over the spices and put it in the freezer to freeze. The spices dissolve in the tea during the extraction and you can always enjoy new flavors according to your choice!

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